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Buena Park Eyecare was founded by Dr. James Cohen and has grown in recent years. Our team of eye care experts is dedicated to the realization of a bright future for our clients. Our goal is to provide unmatched services in the field of optometry. So far so good as our patients are satisfied with our personalized care and attention towards their eye problems.

Our Services

The eyes are windows to the rest of the body. Which is why we, at Buena Park Eyecare, take our services very seriously. Under the leadership of Dr. James Cohen, our team is dedicated to providing the best in eye care services. We strive to reach the ultimate goal in the restoration and improvement of your eyes. Among the full range of services, we offer include checkups, contact lenses as well as different types of operative services. Most importantly, eyewear is another priority that we never like to overlook. We offer glasses according to the condition of your eyes.

A Holistic Approach In Eyecare

We pride ourselves in our unique approaches to various eye conditions. With the help of modern medicine and a skilled eye care team, nothing can stop us. Our optometrist works round the clock to see to it that every client’s needs are met.

Eye Tests We conduct a series of comprehensive tests on our clients’ eyes on a yearly basis or even twice in a year. Our flexible schedules and appointments will enable us to reach out to deserving cases. After sessions of consultations with our clients, we are ready to begin our exam therapies. Our team of skilled optometrists always takes it upon themselves to do accurate readings during eye tests.

Eyewear Options

Since Buena Park Vision is all about eye care, we offer various alternatives concerning eyewear. It can be quite uncomfortable and cumbersome to put on glasses at every waking hour. For this and other reasons, a whole new level of contact lenses is also our specialty. Our clients have made us their trusted companion when it comes to different forms of corrective eye procedures. Dr. James Cohen has been in practice for 43 years, hence the proper and unique eye treatment procedures.

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We have been operational for a considerable duration of time. Our eye care services are a must try for a brighter future ahead. For more details on our mode of operation, visit us at 5811 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA, 90621, US. Book an appointment with us by calling us on (714) 521-7582.  

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